Tidy Towns Committee would love a helping hand!

The Tidy Towns season is on us again and we’d like to make a special appeal to the Community to do what it can to have Clarecastle looking its best.
Judging starts from 1st June so we need to put in a huge effort over the next few weeks to ensure we build on the fantastic progress and success of the last two years . Last year Clarecastle was awarded 260 points in the competition – a gain of ten points from 2011 and we would love to improve on this score this year.
Clarecastle Tidy towns  Spring Clean 2013We have already started the weekly “clean-up evenings” in the different areas – for more detailed information please contact your Area Representative for details of the planned clean up of your area.  Alternatively, the Tidy Towns Committee will be meeting every Monday evening in the Old School from May 13 to the end of July from 8 to 8:45 pm and anyone interested in helping out would be most welcome.  There are lots of jobs to be done and the more hands we have on deck, the better!
During the next few weeks there are public walls to be painted, planting and weeding to do as well as litter picking and a host of other odd jobs.  We really need a lot of volunteers for this – the more people out helping the more we can achieve.
spring_hanging_baskets (1)We’d like to make a special appeal to property owners to  give their buildings and walls a  “clean up” and maybe a coat of paint if needed. Flower boxes and baskets would be a great addition to enhance the look of Clarecastle.

2 thoughts on “Tidy Towns Committee would love a helping hand!

  1. Just browsing WordPress for Tidy Towns and came across your blog. I am involved with the Tidy Towns in Edgeworthstown County Longford and it’s nice to see what others are doing in their areas. Good luck with your efforts – it’s not always easy to get help on these projects

  2. Many thanks John. It is tough to get help as people are pulled and dragged in all directions these days…but here’s hoping it comes together. Hope all is well in Edgeworthstown!

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